The ICM tradition of excellence begins deep within the mountains around the world. Generations of skilled craftsmen excavate specially selected blocks of marble from many different quarries across five continents. Many blocks are inspected before a chosen few are selected for ICM's special needs. Each piece of stone is fabricated to old world specifications and becomes its own work of art in the home.

Our expert stonecutters use only the finest materials to ensure customer satisfaction in the United States. Each fireplace surround is carefully cut, polished, and crated, one piece at a time. Most of this labor is still done by hand rather than with machinery, according to the technology available in each country. Our attention to detail continues as overseas artisans check each marble surround for holes, chips, scratches and other imperfections in the stone. Every marble slab is uniquely different from the next, and makes an individual statement in the home after being finely crafted and installed by experts.

The dealers that represent ICM are carefully chosen and are all truly dedicated to supplying a high quality product for the home. Thus all of us at ICM feel strongly about standing behind the quality of our products and guaranteeing our client's happiness. Our 17 years of marble importing experience has taught us that natural stone is full of surprises and challenges, but more importantly, it brings year of enjoyment and beauty to its owners.

You may now enter the world of luxury and extravagance at a fraction of the cost of custom marble fabrication. Homeowners desire high-end materials in their home when given the choice. Therefore, builders need to be educated on the simple ways to upgrade the quality and appearance of their homes by making the fireplace the focal point of their living spaces. Let's stop promoting cheap products around the fireplace such as ceramic tile, cultured marble, laminated hardiboard, photo digitized metal, fake bricks or cultured stone. Enjoy the benefits of ICM’s volume purchasing and low overseas labor costs which allow us to provide a superior quality natural marble fireplace facade to the industry at a very affordable price. Why compromise your standards? Join with us to offer the public a product that will last forever in their home, the same product that royalty once used in ancient castles around their fireplaces.

As a business owner or purchaser, it is time to ask yourself these important questions:

  Why risk purchasing marble without a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Why experience constant breakage and freight claims when ICM guarantees 0% breakage on all orders shipped via our private trucks?

  Why wait longer than two days ship time on your orders?

Why buy from a vendor not solely concentrated on marble and slate surrounds as their primary business?


Why wait on return phone calls from a supplier, when ICM can answer your questions on the spot? Excellent customer service is our daily goal at ICM.


Why buy from firms who change their prices monthly? Why not negotiate the best price with one supplier and then stick with that vendor for a minimum of a one-year period and grow your business together with your suppliers?


Why buy from firms who offer no marketing and sales support materials? We supply free color literature, free sales and installation training manuals, unlimited sample boards at a minimal cost, showroom display discounts, co-op advertising, builder show gift items, marble cutting, polishing and repair products, installation products such as adhesives and micoreboard, marble instruction labels, hearth protectors, and most importantly, on-site visits by a highly qualified sales representative bi-annually.


Finally, why risk out-of-stock situations -- we have thousands more fireplace surrounds than any of our competitors. Let ICM warehouse your product until it is needed and then ship it when you are ready for installation,

ICM prides itself on offering the most services and the largest selection of natural stone products for the fireplace industry over any other vendor. Service and selection, coupled with very competitive pricing has escalated our firm into the forefront of marble, limestone, slate and now granite fireplace surrounds.

Choose to partner with the market leader of natural stone fireplaces... Choose ICM to make your life easier ....